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Évolution des histoires de vie et démographie

Hétérogénéité - âge - expérience- sénescence
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Conditions initiales, développement, conséquences à long terme

Cam, E. and Aubry L.M. 2011. Early condition, recruitment and reproductive trajectory in long lived birds. Journal of Ornithology 152 :187-201.
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Croissance, taille, latitude, écologie, héritabilité

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Inférence statistique et estimation des paramètres démographiques

Cam. E. 2012. Each site has its own survival probability, but information is borrowed across sites to tell us about survival in each site : Random effects models as means of borrowing strength in survival studies of wild vertebrates. Animal Conservation 15 : 129-132.
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Sélection de l’habitat, dynamique d’occupation de l’espace

Bled, F., Royle, J.A. & Cam, E. 2011. Hierarchical modeling of an invasive spread : case of the Eurasian Collared-Dove Streptopelia decaocto in the USA. Ecological Applications 21 : 290–302.
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Bled, F., Royle, J.A. & Cam, E. 2011. Assessing hypotheses about relationships among nesting site occupancy dynamics, local and neighboring breeding success, and density. Ecology 92 : 938–951.